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Laris Wins and Runner-Up’s at Lucas Oil Dallas Divisional


Ross LarisRaceland, LA (4-16-2018) – Winning one NHRA class is difficult, winning two, places you in a small group, Ross Laris won Top Dragster and Runner-Up in Super Comp, which means he came close to placing his name in the “Double” club. Laris the defending Division Top Dragster Champion, winning this weekend helps as Laris is sitting in 3rd place after the event. The season still has plenty of time for Laris to climb back to the top, to defend the title.

Ross Laris

Ross Laris

“It was a roller coaster weekend, out first round in (Top Dragster) in the 1st Race, win the 2nd Race in Top Dragster, 3rd round loss in Super Comp in the 1st Race and Runner-Up in the 2nd Race,” Ross Laris, President of Laris Insurance, stated. “I think all the Divisional Races should be Doubles!”, laughed Laris.

Ross is currently holding down the number 2 spot in the South Central Division SC hunt, he is currently chasing Steve Collier, who Laris lost to this past weekend in Dallas. The Laris and Collier families know each other well, as Collier’s Team are customers of Laris Motorsport Insurance.

Laris super comp

Super Comp final

“I can’t believe he beat me in the finals of Super Comp, I mean a true friend would have let me doubled.” Laris laughed. “It’s ok, wait until he get’s his new insurance policy. Rates going up!” Laris smiled. “Collier (Steve) is really tough, the whole family is tough, they are heating up, I’m gonna try to cool them off in the upcoming weeks,” Laris laughed.

The Laris Motorsports Team will have a few days off as they prepare for a hectic schedule of National and South Central Division events in Top Dragster. Houston National this weekend followed up with a week off before the NHRA Nationals in Commerce, GA at Atlanta Dragway.

Laris insurance

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