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The Oval World Challenge Rules Package Unveiled


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The Oval World Challenge rules package unveiled!
Daytona-inspired qualifying format, Cone Rule to highlight the upcoming NASCAR GP France

 Le règlement de l’Oval World Challenge dévoilé
 Svelato il regolamento dell’Oval World Challenge

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series unveiled today the rule package the series will utilize for the upcoming June 30 – July 1 Oval World Challenge at Tours, France. With a qualifying format inspired by the Daytona 500, the Cone Rule for restarts and only green flags counting, the sole NASCAR oval event outside North America promises to deliver an explosive weekend of short track racing.oval whelenQualifying: everything in two laps!

Qualifying will take place on Friday, June 29, starting at 4:50 pm CET. The drivers will hit the track one by one for two flying laps around the 650 meters of the Tours Speedway, looking for the fastest time in less than 45 seconds. Drivers will then be split in two groups based on qualifying results: odd numbers will race Semi Final 1, even numbers will race Semi Final 2.

Practice times will determine the order in which the cars will go on track, with the fastest car in practice to enter qualifying last. The ELITE 1 Division will qualify first, followed by the ELITE 2 drivers.

Semi Finals: a format inspired by the Daytona 500

Both Saturday and Sunday will feature a total of six races, with each of the two NWES divisions taking the track for two Semi Finals and one Final in a frenetic weekend of short-track racing. The Duels-inspired Semi Finals will determine the grid of the Final and each of them will last 35 laps or 20 minutes, with only green flag laps counting towards the total. The Green-White-Checkered rule will be in effect in case of a late caution.

The top 10 cars from each Semi Final will qualify for the 20-car Final. The top-10 drivers in each division’s points standings will have a their spot in the Finals secured by a system of provisionals. Provisionals are added to the Finals’ field at the back of the grid.

The pole position for the Final will go to the fastest qualifier of the two Semi Final winners. On Sunday, the fastest laps of Saturday’s will determine the Starting grids of the two Semi Finals.

Finals: 50 laps to win the big prize

Each Final will be 50 laps or 30 minutes long and only green flag laps will count towards the lap total. The Green-White-Checkered rule will be in effect in case of a late caution. The winner of each ELITE 1 Final will win 5000€, while 2500€ will go to each ELITE 2 Final winner.

Cone Rule: Strategy to spice-up exciting restarts

Strategy will be key in case of a caution and add to the already exciting NASCAR double file restarts. At the one-to-go signal, each driver will have the faculty to pick the inside or the outside lane while passing on the start-finish line. Once picked a line at the marker, the drivers cannot change it until the restart is completed, potentially allowing big position gains with a smart lane choice.

All the races of the Oval World Challenge will be streamed live on, the Euro NASCAR Youtube Channel, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Facebook page,, and a vast network of facebook pages and websites, including whelenlive steaming

Whelen NWES

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series was founded in 2008 and established the NASCAR official European Series in January 2012 thanks to a long-term partnership signed with NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), Team FJ, a Motorsports company located in Blois, France, and Whelen Engineering as title sponsor of the Series.The season is made up of 24 races, equally split among ELITE 1 and ELITE 2 divisions, on the best European tracks. Euro NASCAR introduced a stunning innovation on July 7-8, 2012 by organizing the first ever NASCAR race on an oval track in Europe on a half-mile speedway built in the downtown of Tours (France). With four races in two days, these 400 HP V8 monsters provide pure racing action and thrilling bumper-to-bumper battles as well as a lot of family fun around the track! In the pure NASCAR tradition, race fans can get closer to the action than ever and feel the unique in Europe paddock atmosphere thanks to drivers, teams and cars always available for the spectators.The series attracts drivers from all over the world, all willing to fight on track for the win and take the first step towards becoming a NASCAR star in the U.Swhelenbf goodrich