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Ahten Looks to the Positives of Regional Event

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11128600_826485134112597_7740848762320306573_nLas Vegas, NV – The Ahten Racing rig pulled out of The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday afternoon during eliminations and headed home. They had not qualified for the LODRS Regional race, but what they did accomplish can be considered a win. Back in January they picked up a former Top Fuel car and spent the next twelve weeks converting it to a Top Alcohol Dragster. They were at the mercy of various parts vendors and they had to prepare the old Stump Puller for Pomona and Phoenix events. At one point they had both cars in the shop and they were jumping from car to car. Johnny left the Phoenix race with only a motor in the trailer, having sold the old car. The Vegas National event saw the debut of the new ride, wrapped by One11 Ink. The Regional race was a continuation of the shakedown.

IMG_5146“We didn’t hurt any parts, and we gained some valuable data,” said Ahten. “The tough part is the first run out of the box was awesome. The car left hard and was blasting down the track. It’s always tough to step off the pedal on a solid run. We had a planned half track pass, and it’s tough to stick to it. That is why every run after that one was a bit of a letdown. We know the car will be great with stout numbers early on. Having the National and Regional race in Vegas one week apart gave us the opportunity to try and figure out what the car wants/needs. I have to adjust to the new driving position and the way things feel. The new car has me seated lower and the ride is much stiffer. We are planning to test again before our next race. Right now we are planning on attending the Nitro Night of Fire in Bakersfield and the Regional race at Woodburn Regional in July,” added Ahten.

Making the move to a new car is not for the faint of heart. The change was made for the future. The learning curve will start all over, with hints from the past. Some tuning data is still relevant, but others are just guesstimates. “We still have to pick a setting for the front and rear wings,” added Ahten. This is just one example of what Johnny and the members of Ahten Racing have to deal with before their next outing. The long days and nights will continue, until the new Stump Puller earns its place. To stay informed with the latest please visit:

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Release courtesy of John Rogers/Ahten Racing

Photo courtesy of Costabile Productions