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First Euro NASCAR Laps for the NWES Recruitment Program Drivers


First Euro NASCAR laps for the NWES Recruitment Program Drivers
Selected talents tested cars and competed to receive support for their 2019 NWES season




From left to right: Ben Creanor, Scott Jeffs, Alex Nevill, Callum Cripps, Jon Watt, Alex Sedgwick, Romain Boeckler, Alvaro Bajo, Ander Vilariño, Lucas Lasserre. Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

The first session of the 2019 Drivers Recruitment Program took place at Fontenay Le Comte, France on November 8-9. In two days of testing, 13 new drivers from 6 different countries took the wheel of a Euro NASCAR car for the first time: Alvaro Bajo, Romain Boeckler, Ben Creanor, Callum Cripps, Alexandru Cascatău, Aidan Hills, Arne Hoffmeister, Scott Jeffs, Alain Mosqueron, Thijmen Nabuurs, Alex Nevill, Romain Tamburrino and Jon Watt.

The drivers selected for the French test worked under the guidance of the NWES organization and ELITE 1 competitors Alex Sedgwick and Lucas Lasserre, completing several runs both in wet and dry conditions. They all unanimously praised the unique character of the Euro NASCAR car and the support received from NWES.

“It has always been an ambition of mine to drive a NASCAR, so the Recruitment Day gave me a great chance to sample a childhood dream. The cars are brilliant, and admittedly better than I thought they would be,” said Alex Nevill, who recently won the MINI Challenge Cooper Am class in the UK. “The car brakes and turns a lot better than I expected, and I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever driven on track.”


From letft to right: Alain Mosqueron, Aidan Hills, Romain Tamburrino, Lucas Lasserre, Arne Hoffmeister, Thijmen Nabuurs, Alex Cascatău. Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

“I had a very nice day being at the wheel of this car. It has a lot of power and grip in dry or wet conditions and it needs real driving skills to go fast. In one word, it’s pure racing. I want to thank Jérôme Galpin and his team for his presentation of the series with great shows at each meeting, Lucas Lasserre for the driving support and advice during the test and all technicians,” continued 16-year-old Romain Boeckler, who raced in the French F4 Championship in 2018.

“The car is amazing to drive, with a lot of power and torque available from a beautifully-sounding, old-school, V8 engine. However, I was most impressed by the chassis and the gearbox. Shifting is unfortunately no longer a dimension in modern racing and I really enjoyed having to heel-and-toe again in a racing car,” said Alexandru Cascatău, who drove in the BMW Clubsport Trophy 2018 in Belgium. “It felt like a pure racing car. I want to thank everyone at NWES for giving me this opportunity, I hope to see them all back on track soon!”

In addition to the new drivers experiencing Euro NASCAR for the first time, 3-time NWES Champion Ander Vilarino returned to a NASCAR cockpit for the first time since the end of 2015. The winningest driver in series history is working on a possible comeback and was extremely pleased with the car’s recent developments.

Ander Vilarino.

Ander Vilarino.

“I was thrilled to climb again in a Euro NASCAR. Some things have changed on a technical level in the car, making it faster than when I left the championship at the end of 2015, but the essence is the same: a robust car, fast and without any driver aid… pure driving. Euro NASCAR is one of the main options for next year. There’s interest in returning and the challenge would give me a lot of motivation,” said the Spaniard.

The best among the drivers taking part in the NWES Drivers Recruitment Program will receive financial support for their 2019 debut season in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. The next Drivers Recruitment Days will take place in Italy at the Autodromo di Franciacorta on December 13-14.recruitmentnwesnwes

Photo Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series NWES 2019

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series
The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series was founded in 2008 and established the NASCAR official European Series in January 2012 thanks to a long-term partnership signed with NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), Team FJ, a Motorsports company located in Blois, France, and Whelen Engineering as title sponsor of the Series.The season is made up of 24 races, equally split among ELITE 1 and ELITE 2 divisions, on the best European tracks. Euro NASCAR introduced a stunning innovation on July 7-8, 2012 by organizing the first ever NASCAR race on an oval track in Europe on a half-mile speedway built in the downtown of Tours (France). With four races in two days, these 400 HP V8 monsters provide pure racing action and thrilling bumper-to-bumper battles as well as a lot of family fun around the track! In the pure NASCAR tradition, race fans can get closer to the action than ever and feel the unique in Europe paddock atmosphere thanks to drivers, teams and cars always available for the spectators.The series attracts drivers from all over the world, all willing to fight on track for the win and take the first step towards becoming a NASCAR star in the U.S.


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