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Line Retains Points Lead for Team Summit after NHRA Midwest Nationals


Jason Line GSST. LOUIS (September 30, 2019) – Jason Line’s silver Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro continued to shine at this weekend’s AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals. Team Summit didn’t leave World Wide Technology Raceway with a Pro Stock trophy, but Line left with the points lead, and teammate Greg Anderson left one position higher in the standings.

Qualified in the No. 3 spot, Line had lane choice for his first-round meeting with Steve Graham. It proved inconsequential, however, when his opponent illuminated the red light by leaving .021-second too soon. Line raced ahead for a 6.592-second win at 209.14 mph that was top speed of the round.

Line was first to launch in the second act, but Matt Hartford got the win after the Summit Racing Chevy’s tires broke loose from the track and his car pulled hard to the left. The car sashayed, but Line kept it in his lane and slowed to a 9.100 to Hartford’s 6.644.jason line“We didn’t have the outcome we hoped for today with the KB Racing Pro Stock cars, but even though today didn’t go as planned, I’m excited to get to Charlotte. My silver Summit Racing Chevy Camaro is still really good, and hopefully we didn’t lose too much momentum. I’m also very happy for (KB Racing-powered) Dave Kramer to win the Factory Stock Showdown today. He’s a good fella, and that was super cool. It was fun to watch, and he worked hard for the win.”

Greg Anderson came into Sunday with confidence in his racecar after struggling through the last handful of events. The driver of the red Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro powered to the fastest speed of qualifying and locked into the No. 4 position, and he brought the same power and speed to the table on Sunday for eliminations.

In the first round, he raced to a 6.601-second pass at 207.78 mph to defeat Fernando Cuadra Jr.’s 6.637, 208.30, and in round two, Anderson clocked the fastest speed of raceday with his 6.672, 209.56. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough for Chris McGaha’s 6.658, 207.59.

“We made a step forward in qualifying, but then today we took another step back, so it’s frustrating,” said Anderson, who is up from eighth to No. 7 in the Pro Stock standings. “Sunday has been my Achilles heel, and we did everything we thought we needed to do to get past this problem, but we just haven’t yet been able to get hold of it. It was good to see the improvements in qualifying, yes, but we have to get Sunday right, or what you did in qualifying really doesn’t matter. We have four races left this year, and we’re going to do everything we can to get this car back in the winner’s circle.”

Bo Butner reached the semifinals in his Jim Butner Auto Group Chevrolet Camaro and is now No. 3 in the NHRA Countdown to the Championship playoffs. Butner defeated fellow KB Racing engine campaigner Fernando Cuadra in the first round, 6.601, 208.23 to 6.637, 207.88. In the second round, Butner beat Jeg Coughlin Jr. on a holeshot, 6.638, 207.78 to 6.630, 207.21. With lane choice in the semifinals, Butner had high hopes – but he lost a close one when Hartford went 6.643, 207.50 to 6.647, 208.39.

“We probably had an above average day compared to what we’ve had recently,” said Butner. “We went some rounds, and our Jim Butner Auto Group Chevrolet Camaro was definitely a car we could turn win lights on with. A lot of us struggle right now with a hot racetrack, some people get it, and some don’t, but I think the rest of the Countdown is going to be tough. It’s going to be close. I don’t see a breakaway person this year – you just hope for the best.

“It’s too early to watch the points, but I will tell you that you cannot lose round one. If you lose round one right now, unless a miracle would happen, you’re just going to be a top 10 guy. I think there are going to be five or six people with really a legit shot at the Championship. Let’s just hope it’s one of us in the end.”

Butner was also competing in the SAM Tech Factory Stock Showdown driving his Summit Racing-branded Cobra Jet Mustang. Unfortunately, he hurt an engine in qualifying and could not make the call for round one. Butner is No. 4 in the Factory Stock Showdown points with one race remaining.

“This is the fourth motor in three races,” said Butner. “We have some issues, and we really don’t know what they are yet. It had power in the last qualifying run, but something was hurt. It might have been hurt before that. We checked everything, and it was good – we thought – but it is the same issue we’ve fought the last three races. It’s been since the rule change for some reason, but I don’t understand that. We’re kind of stumped, but we’ll figure it out.”

The remaining race will take place in Dallas at the NHRA FallNationals in October, and Butner would like to make the event but wants to make sure everything is right.

“It depends on if we find the issue,” he said. “We have another motor, but we don’t want to put it in if there is an issue. So, we’ll go test before Dallas, put some more sensors in different places, and see if we can find what’s going wrong. Our goal is to be at Dallas – and I can’t sit out and not run – but I have to think smart. I’m sure Drew [Skillman] is going to win the championship, and I congratulate him and am happy. Whether we finish second or 10th really doesn’t matter to me. I just want to be geared up for next year and be prepared.”

The next event on the 2019 Mello Yello Drag Racing Series tour is race three of six in the Countdown to the Championship, the NHRA Carolina Nationals at zMAX Dragway in Charlotte, October 11-13.

Jason Line

Jason Line

Jason Line
KB Racing, Summit Racing Equipment Chevrolet Camaro

Points position following event: No. 1

Race results:
R1: Jason Line defeated Steve Graham, 6.592-second at 209.14 mph to (-.021) 13.299, 64.86
R2: Matt Hartford def. Line, 6.644, 207.37 to 9.100, 103.58

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson
KB Racing, Summit Racing Equipment Chevrolet Camaro

Points position following event: No. 7

Race results:
R1: Greg Anderson defeated Fernando Cuadra Jr., 6.601-second at 207.78 mph to 6.637, 208.30
R2: Chris McGaha def. Anderson, 6.658, 207.59 to 6.672, 209.56

Bo Butner

Bo Butner

Bo Butner
KB Racing, Jim Butner Auto Group Chevrolet Camaro

Points position following event: No. 3

Race results:
R1: Bo Butner defeated Fernando Cuadra, 6.601-second at 208.23 mph to 6.637, 207.88
R2: Butner def. Jeg Coughlin Jr., (.047 reaction time) 6.638, 207.78 to (.065) 6.630, 207.21
R3: Matt Hartford def. Butner, 6.643, 207.50 to 6.647, 208.39

No. 1 Qualifier: Erica Enders, 6.552
Top speed of qualifying: Greg Anderson, 211.10
Low elapsed time in eliminations: Deric Kramer, 6.584
Top speed in eliminations: Greg Anderson, 209.56

mello yello 182019 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Pro Stock Standings
(after AAA Insurance NHRA Nationals,
Countdown to the Championship race 2 of 6)

1. Jason Line (2), 2254
2. Erica Enders (1), 2243
3. Bo Butner (4), 2232
4. Matt Hartford (1), 2197
5. Alex Laughlin (1), 2171
6. Jeg Coughlin (1), 2160
7. Greg Anderson (2), 2147
8. Deric Kramer (1), 2132
9. Chris McGaha (1), 2113
10. Val Smeland, 2062

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