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Get it in Virtual Gear with Logitech and GTR Simulator from Summit Racing


summit new product releaseTallmadge, Ohio (July 22, 2020) – What’s a racer with an itchy accelerator foot to do when they can’t make it to the track? Go virtual racing. If you have a computer or game console, a driving wheel/controller, and an internet connection, you can virtually compete in many types of racing games and race simulations like iRacing. Learn more about iRacing in this article at

Whether you’re new to the sport or an old hand, Summit Racing has gear from Logitech and GTR Simulator to help you be a virtual racing hero.logitech wheelLogitech G Driving Force Wheels
You can’t go virtual racing without a good wheel. Available for PCs, Xbox One, and Playstation 4/5, a Logitech G Driving Force wheel is ideal for a beginner or a seasoned driver. Here’s why:

Dual-Motor Force Feedback realistically simulates force effects like tire slip, terrain changes, under- and oversteer, and vehicle weight shifting so you can respond immediately and accurately.

The G Driving Force wheel uses helical gears for smooth, quiet steering action. Anti-backlash keeps the wheel tight for maximum control. The 900-degree lock-to-lock means you can turn the wheel two and a half times—the same degree of motion as a real steering wheel.

The Logitech wheel incorporates the D-pad, buttons and paddle shifters where you can easily reach them. LED indicator lights positioned just above the center of the wheel tell you when to up- or down-shift to maintain maximum acceleration without taking your eyes off the track.

The included floor pedal unit has adjustable throttle, brake, and clutch pedals that let you comfortably accelerate, brake and change gears with the feel of an actual car.

Summit Racing also carries these Logitech products to make your virtual racing experience even better:G Driving Force ShifterThe G Driving Force Shifter is a six-speed “H” pattern shifter that moves fluidly and solidly clicks into each gear for smooth, accurate gear transitions on both hairpin turns and straightaways.Lightsync PC Gaming SpeakerThe G560 Lightsync PC Gaming Speaker lets you hear and feel every detail of your race with 240 peak watts (120 watts RMS) of power feeding the down-firing subwoofer and two satellite speakers with high-strength metallic drivers. You can even customize the colors to match your mood.

GTR SimulatorGTR Simulator
GTR Simulators are designed and used by professional racers just for virtual racing. The rigs feature a solid steel frame and a genuine racing seat for stable, vibration-free steering and pedal control that takes virtual racing to a whole new level. Summit Racing carries three types of GTR Simulator rigs:

If you want to just jump in and go racing, the GTS-F Simulator is for you. It has a 14-way adjustable seat but is fixed for length, height, and steering height. The distance between the shifter and steering wheel mounts is extremely short so you can concentrate on racing without discomfort or fatigue.

The GTA Simulator has a 14-way adjustable seat; adjustable pedal angles and steering wheel height; and a frame that can be adjusted from 42 to 56 inches in length and 40 to 44 inches in height. You can even get a GTA that can accommodate up to three 39 inch monitors.

The GTA-Pro Simulator is designed for use by anyone ages three and up, so one simulator can handle an entire family of racers. The seat, pedal angles, steering wheel position and angle, shifter mount, and frame length are fully adjustable to comfortably accommodate drivers from 32 inches tall up to 7 feet tall and 250 pounds. This GTR Simulator video shows you all of the features of the GTA-Pro.

Summit Racing also carries GTR Simulator monitor stands, keyboard and mouse trays, and individual race seats.

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