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Combustion Technologies Announces CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD



SANDY, UTAH, (August 4, 2015) – Combustion Technologies USA (“Combustion”), the original manufacturer of the CleanBoost® family of products, is pleased to announce CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD, a new product for 2015. CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD is a powerful product that cleans clutch dust, brake dust, dirt, dust, oil, tar, grease, brake fluid and other residues. It is designed to be used for cleaning brake shoes, brake drums, cylinders, brake calipers, disc brake pads, and all other related parts.

Brake Clean Cans“The CleanBoost family of products has always stood for quality and innovation, said CleanBoost’s Don Poscente.”Our customers came to us with a need for a brake cleaner that stood up to the task, and performed above and beyond. We researched the market, formulated a plan, developed the product in-house, and performed countless hours of testing in order to come up with our CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD.”

CleanBoost cleaned brakes pads and shoes are less likely to squeal and chatter, making the vehicle ride more enjoyable. CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD dries quickly and leaves no residue and contains 45% VOC and is not available for sale in California and New Jersey. CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD will be offered in 16oz can (case of 12) and will have 15oz ounces of cleaner, matching those competitive larger cans while providing even more cleaning power. We make sure a high pressure delivery system flushes contaminants off the surface being cleaned.

Race teams will agree that CleanBoost Brake Cleaner HD is one of the best products they have used for cleaning clutch dust, gear oil and other greasy/oil spills on race day.

10cbda6179a27835f89f3de714150fd3_vr0oFleet Maintenance Mangers can safely use CleanBoost Brake Cleaner and assure their brake components will be safe and work properly when their drivers need to stop those heavy loads. Dealers, distributors, and Race Teams, call us today for you pricing and volume discounts. Fleets and repairs shops call your local dealer and distributor and ask for it by name. CleanBoost Brake Clean is a custom product manufactured by Combustion Technologies USA, proudly made in the USA but offered and sold world-wide.

Combustion is a private company based in Sandy, Utah that is a pioneer in proactive diesel maintenance solutions.  Combustion is a leading developer and manufacturer of efficiency-improving fuel additives, engine oils, specialty chemicals and lubricants and mission critical filtration systems for a wide range of industries, including transportation, mining, power generation, construction, motorsports and oil and gas.  These innovative, cost-saving products are sold under Combustion’s flagship “CleanBoost”, “Combust Filters” and “Mettle Plus” brands, directly to large end-users and through a network of regional and national distributors in the United States and Canada.  Combustion is also an authorized distributor for Filtakleen and Filmax filtration products and Whitlock Instruments DNFT switches.  Our website is: